Diaspora - Erasmus+

International Seminar in the framework of Erasmus+ programme

With the reference 2019-2-PT02-KA105-006079, “Diaspora - Seminar about Global and Human Rights Education” was developed in the framework of Erasmus+ programme and it took place in Seixal between October 13th and 20th of 2019.

This project aimed to reflect and promote the creation tools in the field of Global and Human Rights Education que visem a sensibilização de comunidades locais nomeadamente da população juvenil para a inclusão de jovens migrantes e refugiados.

This seminar had 18 participants from the following countries: Portugal, Spain, Jordan, Lebannon, Poland, Estonia, Egypt and Palestina - for more information about the project, click on the following link - you can check the image gallery available at Facebook.