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openEUropa - new website

Image of the website openEUropaThis is an old struggle that has finally a new chapter! openEUropa finally has a new website available at http://openeuropa.eu!!!

openEUropa is an initiative developed by Rato – ADCC and comes up with the need to inform and training about international opportunities that are developed for/with youth in the region of Setúbal. It's connected with multiplier point of Eurodesk network [for more information, check out the https://eurodesk.eu/].

In this website you can find information about different types of international mobility for youth as also a regular activities' calendar of this initiative. Besides the website, the initiative openEUropa is present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This is an initiative that is not limited to the Internet - with openEUropa, Rato - ADCC is present on different spaces and events developing presentations and promoting information resources about different international mobility opportunities with a focus on the region of Setúbal.

Finally, a word of appreciation for all that contributed for this achievement specially to Martina Merigo - grazie mille!



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