Welcome. This is the place of Rato - ADCC, a portuguese youth organization directed for the promotion of Information of Society.


There is no cost in helping! If you belong to a company ou even individualy, you can help even without money. ClicK here for more information about the advantages of a partnership with Rato - ADCC.


The work developed by Rato - ADCC in the field of Informatics is based on non formal education methodologies with emphasis on the discovery process aiming the goal of Life long learning - the end of a workshop is always a beginning ;)

The global training activity is strucured in the following project areas:

  • Login – Workshops for initiation in Informatics and information technologies
  • ComOn – Workshops for the promotion of Information Society
  • OPen Code! – Workshops for the Promotion of the Information Society

All training activities are supported by an e-learning plataform of Rato - ADCC, where is available for all participants in the workshops of Rato - ADCC several resources and activities.

Another aspect that should be underlined is the fact the trainers/facilitators are in the great majority young volunteers of the association that are integrated and supported in the strategies, methodologies and techniques of the association. The learning process is mutual: some learn how to learn, others learn how to teach ;)


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