Welcome. This is the place of Rato - ADCC, a portuguese youth organization directed for the promotion of Information of Society.


There is no cost in helping! If you belong to a company ou even individualy, you can help even without money. ClicK here for more information about the advantages of a partnership with Rato - ADCC.

1337 Program

In this area of activity, the key objective is to create technical skills to trainees in the field of Informatics.

The Rato-ADCC is willing to collaborate with partners, associations, schools and other organizations to provide better prices for groups.

Currently includes the following activities:

  • Training for Informatics Trainers [12 hours per 12 euros];
  • Introduction to Programming [10 hours per 17 euros];
  • Introduction to Java [30 hours per 45 euros];
  • Introduction to HTML and CSS [30 hours per 45 euros];
  • Introduction to PHP and SQL [40 hours per 60 euros];
  • Hardware Technician [10 hours per 15 euros per level (4 levels)].

Para mais informações, entra em contacto connosco pelo e-mail formacao[em]rato-adcc.pt


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