Welcome. This is the place of Rato - ADCC, a portuguese youth organization directed for the promotion of Information of Society.


There is no cost in helping! If you belong to a company ou even individualy, you can help even without money. ClicK here for more information about the advantages of a partnership with Rato - ADCC.


Founded in 2000, Rato - Association for the Cultural and Scientific Promotion [ADCC] is a legally recognized youth organization that develops initiatives and projects orientated for the promotion of the Information Society.

Nowadays, the association develops mainly:

  • workshops in Informatics and Information Technologies
  • multimedia and online projects for non profit organizations and initiatives

In 2004, Rato - ADCC signs with Town Hall of Seixal a formal agreement and creates in the Youth Center of Miratejo R@to - ADCC's Center, a space dedicated to the development of training and volunteering activities in the field of Information and Communication Techonlogies.

In the same year, Rato - ADCC becomes an hosting organization for European Voluntary Service and, since then, has developed a work of promotion of different projects related to Youth Volunteering, hosting youngsters in volunteering activities, practical learning periods or freetime occupation activities combined with the methodologies and resources provided by Informatics and Information and Communiation Technologies.

You can check out the other different sections of the website of Rato - ADCC, where you can know more information about the projects, the opportunities of volunteering or the partnerships of the organization.


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