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Institutional Partnerships

Rato - ADCC, through out its existence, has developed work in partnership with several public organizations.

Below, you can see the different public partners, as well as the description of the work developed:

  • Portuguese Youth Institute: Rato - ADCC is a youth organization registered in the Portuguese Database of Youth Organizations and has been funded by this public institute. Besides this institutional laison, Rato - ADCC has a regular collaboration especially in the promotion of European Voluntary Service.
  • Youth in Action Programme: Youth in Action Programme [and its precedent Youth Programme] of the European Commission has given the opportunity to do a regular work in the promotion of youth volunteering; in the framework of this european programme, Rato - ADCC has a main concerne with European Voluntary Service [Action 2], in hosting and sending volunteers.
  • Town Hall of Seixal: the association has a protocol with the municipality of Seixal with the R@to - ADCC Center that is in the Youth Center of Miratejo. In the other hand, the associtation is included in the Social Network, of Health Department of Seixal as well as Pensa Glocal [Think Glocal] with the Cooperation Department of this municipality. Rato - ADCC also works with the Public Library of Seixal in the framework of the EVS hosting project E-V [European Volunteer].
  • Town Hall of Palmela: Rato - ADCC has participated in different activities, mainly in Março a Partir and in the Music Festival of Palmela.
  • Town Hall of Almada: with this Town Hall, Rato - ADCC participated in «Festa Amarela» in the Cultural Youth Center of S.to Amaro and in «Quinzena da Juventude».
  • District's Hall of Corroios: the organization has project E-V [Electronic Volunteer] in partnership.
  • João de Barros' High School [Corroios]: this school has been an important partner in the development of activities in the project E-V [European Volunteer]. In partnership with the school, has been developed the «E Day» that consists in a intercultural exchange between students of this school and EVS volunteers in Setúbal.

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