Setembro 27, 2006

Benfica – ManU

Ontem nós (= 3x EVS + Sara, nossa amiga de Suécia) fomos ao jogo de futebol na Estádio da Luz em Lisboa – Benfica contra Manchester […]
Setembro 26, 2006

We don`t want to affright you, but…

…we have some pictures here, we can`t keep away from you. You have to know that Nuno is a multitalent. Besides his incredible sing-talent, he`s also […]
Setembro 19, 2006

Salt or sugar?!? That`s the question…

Estás bem, estás bem… Here is the most important question, we were asking ourselfs in the last few weeks. What is better? Popcorn with salt or […]
Setembro 18, 2006

My first job! Jihhhaaaaaa

It was in a horse festa, in Corroios. Afternoon I met with Corla, the man who works in Junta de Freguesia de Corroios and there he […]
Setembro 18, 2006

Its my poster from my life here!

Setembro 6, 2006

Festa do Avante

last weekend was a biiiig big festival near here – the “festa do avante” claro – we were there! the bands were very cool and all […]
Setembro 5, 2006

Learning Portuguese…

So do you want to know what we are doing all the time? We`re learning Portuguese, of course 😉 …. … But don`t think, that this […]
Agosto 30, 2006

That`s me…

…Gyorgy! Welcome every body in this area. This is the EVS blog area in my eyes! But first a little introduction from myself. I was borned […]
Agosto 28, 2006

That`s me…

… Katrin! Or should I better say Kati? I´m from the Black Forest in Germany (and besides this is the place where we talk much better […]