Setembro 5, 2006

Learning Portuguese…

So do you want to know what we are doing all the time? We`re learning Portuguese, of course 😉 …. … But don`t think, that this […]
Agosto 30, 2006

That`s me…

…Gyorgy! Welcome every body in this area. This is the EVS blog area in my eyes! But first a little introduction from myself. I was borned […]
Agosto 28, 2006

That`s me…

… Katrin! Or should I better say Kati? I´m from the Black Forest in Germany (and besides this is the place where we talk much better […]
Agosto 28, 2006

That’s me …

… Kathrin! I’m from Vienna – Austria (and we speak the real German! – not like the Germans do..). I’m 19 years old and I’ve a […]
Julho 10, 2006

The sadest moment of EVS

Julho 9, 2006

Festa Despedida…

…the comment is not necessary.
Junho 20, 2006

Cheguei a tempo…

…e finalmente uma grande parte do trabalho do Ville esta documentado.
Junho 5, 2006

I was acting…

…and look at the results. Brr.
Junho 1, 2006


Messejana. A small village in Alentejo, the most rural and the hottest (at least for me) zone in Portugal. Nice place, indeed. We went there to […]