Abril 10, 2007

Holidays & sunburns..

The week before Eastern my family went to Portugal to visit me. It was great to see them again, and to sleep in a bed with […]
Março 27, 2007

Março Jovem III

This weekend we get to know some styles of music we would never have thought of 😉 On Friday we were in Seixal (after walking 45 […]
Março 20, 2007

Março Jovem II

Março 11, 2007

Março Jovem

So “Março Jovem” has started and of course, Rato is also participating. Until the 31st of March we will be a part of the exibition “11 […]
Março 4, 2007

Festas :D

It´s Partytime :)) We´re are still very busy at the moment, besides all the things we have now in march, there are lots of other things […]
Fevereiro 23, 2007


I’m back in Portugal after 5 days of Austria.. it was great to see all my friends and family, although it was not much time and […]
Fevereiro 20, 2007

Visit from Liviu (Rumenia)

Let’s make it short: the last days we had visit from a friend of Paula which came to Portugal to participate at a seminar. But then […]
Fevereiro 20, 2007

Austria is back!

Ok first of all I want to say that I think it`s better when we switch back to English and write all our post in English […]
Fevereiro 10, 2007


Eieiei, nunca há o tempo suficiente paRRRa escreveRRR os posts… Pois… Vamos falaRRR um bocadinho sobRRRe o tRRRabalho. Esta semana Justyna, Ana e eu fomos paRRRa […]