Novembro 9, 2018

How to appreciate yourself? – part one –

Ola, Hi i hope you are will in this week there is nothing happened, i mean there is nothing special, normal week, workshops in the schools, […]
Novembro 9, 2018

Work, work, work, work, work :)

Hello again – I haven’t been here for a while I have to admit but the reason behind was … work, work, work, work, work! 🙂  […]
Novembro 2, 2018

Ela é nossa mãe

Justyna Kukla. Impossible is nothing. Estava a pesquisar inspiração para esse blog, e já encontrei. A minha inspiração é a polaca, a nossa mãe espiritual, a […]
Novembro 2, 2018

Let’s talk about food !

So, You’ve been attracted by this delicious picture of a pizza and so you clicked on the article to know where you can find it? Well, […]
Outubro 30, 2018

Allahu akbar, between news and reality

ola, marhaba ,Hi  ,salut Tudo bem? guess who is here, yes it’s me 🙂 in this week there is a lot of things happened ,a new friends, […]
Outubro 19, 2018

Estou além

Estou de volta. Volta de onde? Do que? Percebo me um pouco atrasado na vida, ma é só uma percepção sem ração, porque a verdade é que […]
Outubro 16, 2018

The Change is Coming

when i asked myself about what i written in the last month, i see that i wasn’t write something very useful for you guys, ok maybe […]
Outubro 11, 2018

welcome to portuguese lessons

today it’s the first day of the portuguese lessons we started the day by wake at 8 am, seeing the tree while it took a shower […]
Outubro 9, 2018

When inspiration is missing, talk about music!

Hello people ! A new week has been started, which mean a new article must be written by me. But, it turns out that this week […]