Agosto 16, 2018

Italian panther vs polish puma

Another impressions about Portugal and Lisboa. It took a lot of time until I really appreciated the city. And still I would not say it is […]
Agosto 16, 2018

Encontro com a língua polaca

Hoje quereria partilhar com vocês algumas informações sobre o polaco a língua oficial da Polónia. No início vou quebrar alguns estereótipos. Não, polaco não parece alemão mesmo […]
Agosto 8, 2018

Margem Sul

Escrevi este artigo há muito tempo mas não o publiquei, porque não sei, talvez tenha medo de vocês lerem o meu português, desculpem-me. Lisboa, Lisboa, Lisboa […]
Agosto 7, 2018


That´s I will talk about this guys but it is not a gossip because I won’t tell anyone I am just writing. Is not it comic? […]
Agosto 4, 2018

I want to..!

I want to sing! Today I am happy, I wake up in a really good mood! Where is my million dollars to buy my dream house? […]
Agosto 1, 2018


I want to apologise to all Portuguese. After last week I will never call you weirdoes again. I went over all advantages and disadvantages I saw […]
Agosto 1, 2018

Are You OK? (The most common lie, “I´m fine”)

The time is flowing and sometimes you can´t follow it with your problems.  Isn´t it? When someone asked you to “How is it going, your life […]
Julho 26, 2018

Why you are scaring, just HUG!

We know there are a lot of different things as ideas, languages, races (I don´t mean to racism) colors, works, beside it we have important similar […]
Julho 21, 2018

Free to leave, free to stay

Today I share a simple, good and helpful video.