Fevereiro 8, 2018

ladrões e vôos

Esta semana minha mae e minha irma vieram em Portugal para visitar-me. Ontem no tarde eles tiveram o vôo para voltar em Italia. Na manhã nos estivamos […]
Fevereiro 8, 2018

novas notícias sobre sapatos

Olà! Eu tenho novas notícias sobre meu artigo sobre sapatos.. E novas fotos! Pessoas diferentes têm ideas differentes sobre este evento misterioso: uma rapariga portuguese diz que […]
Fevereiro 2, 2018

The power of stories

Some years ago I completed my master degree with a thesis about the useful role of communication and storytelling in helping NGO and non-profit organizations. For this […]
Janeiro 31, 2018

Falling into the trap

I was hesitating to write about this, going back and forth and questioning if I should let this out or not. As a human being, I […]
Janeiro 30, 2018


Obidos is a pretty small city, located in a strategical spot,almost onehundreads km far away from Lisbon. This city is very famouse for its walls and […]
Janeiro 30, 2018

Mistério de Portugal

Olà! Hoje eu vou falar de um grande mistério de Portugal: os sapatos abandonados. Eu não sei porque, mas Portugal tem muitos muitos sapatos abandonados.. Uma infinidade! […]
Janeiro 25, 2018

Sesimbra e Cabo Espichel

Some time ago Nuno took us for a short trip to Sesimbra and Cabo Espichel. Firstly we went to Cabo Espichel, which is located about half […]
Janeiro 19, 2018

EVS POLAND – All good things come to an end

The best experience of my life has unfortunately come to an end. After 10 months, I leave with a mind full of memories, a spirit mixed […]
Janeiro 19, 2018

Ecomuseum of Seixal

olà! Corroios can look like a little village without a lot of attractives.. But it isn't like this! If you look around, you can find hidden […]