Setembro 11, 2018

O Tejo

Vou partilhar uma poesia muito bonita que uma amiga minha me aconselhou e à qual agradeço. Eu quero dedicar esta poesia porque no sábado vi, pela primeira vez, a chuva […]
Setembro 11, 2018

Let’s the Evs adventure begin Camarada !

Hi! I am Clementine, I am twenty one and I come from North of France. I am a big fan of live music, so much that […]
Setembro 1, 2018

International Day of Peace 21 September

There is not the goodness from the war there is not badness from the peace to us. So, no more war. Just bring the Peace for […]
Agosto 29, 2018

Where We Belong?

We´ve been born in a family affiliated with the environment and we´re living a lot of thing till our death time. We say our country, our […]
Agosto 25, 2018

Lil Watan

Pela Pátria Outros têm domado furacões para dirigir o destino Mas por uma brisa nós somos levados para longe, e para arruinar nós nos diminuímos E […]
Agosto 22, 2018


I miss dancing, because when something made me sad I was relaxing with dance but now I feel as that I´m a useless person. You know […]
Agosto 18, 2018

Missing the “Miss” and Missing

  The last days, I awarded of this word (miss) it is really a strange word because it means a lot of things and when you […]
Agosto 17, 2018

Mediterranean culture

My name is Rammeh zarai  I’m from Tunisia, I’m about twenty I study in university of sports and education physical, I’m was member in many organizations, […]
Agosto 16, 2018


It was an important week for me: I could say because of my birthday, but It’s not as important my self-celebration, as the beautiful moments that […]