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I bow to thee our reader (If you exist… [comments can be written…] 🙂

I have to tell you that at the moment I am very proud of my new career as a guitarist. Still, the latest post by Justyna just doesn’t give the right picture of what I’m doing. So to clarify the facts:

I bought the guitar because I felt sorry for the guy who was selling it. It’s true, that I am now entertaining other people with my magnificent skills, but it’s a hell of a lie to say that I am making money with the help of my new and shiny instrument! When I play, I play for free!

My skills are still on the intermediate level, and even though in the (not so far) future I will advance to a professional level, I will continue keeping my concerts free. Now you might be asking why? Or maybe you’re not asking. But it’s not important.

Happy Easter and play your guitars when you have the opportunity to do so!

P.S. Terveiset Aatille, maailman parhaalle tyttöystävälle! …mä opettelen soittamaan balladeja sulle. 🙂