prehistoric necropolis

Have you ever been in a natural cave, or do you know anything about caves and how was it create?

Well, this time I will tell about what I did in my weekend and how I end up with in a natural cave, I wanted to go to the beach with my friend and my mentor Magda ,( if you are a volunteer, probably you will meet her), she’s a good mentor and listener, she’s also can be a good friend for you , you will enjoy her company.

However, we went to beach in Caracavelos-Lisboan, it’s a good a beach, I recommend to visit. we walked to Cascais and there was a really long line with people waiting for entrance a cave, we were curious to enter so waited for one hour.

it was a natural cave of the old well are located on the right bank of the vineyard stream. the 500 m wax from its mouth in the village of Casias. In 1879, Carlos Ribeiro explores these caves that he detected in the sediments that filled his inner archaeological remains from the Paleolithic Neolithic periods. Chalcolithic Bronze Age and Late Antiquity

we went through the route of the caves of the old, short and contains obstacles passages which it incredible to see. We were lucky to see this Historical

 place because I think they only open once every 6 months.  

The Cave diagram and the points of entry and exit.