Let your brain rest

Have you ever been stressed? Maybe some of you are stressed quite often and are not sure how to deal with it? However, have you ever noticed that you somehow enjoyed the sound of trees in wind? The rain falling? Apparently, you may like the type of videos I’m about to tell you about.

Honestly, have you ever tried to watch (and most importantly, listen) to people tapping wooden box for an hour? No? Sounds (literally) boring and useless? Well, these were my thoughts when I heard about ASMR for the first time. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – ASMR in short, is strange way to make you feel relaxed and calm, while watching and listening to obviously dull videos. Some people call this weird experience a ‘brain orgasm’ and I’m not going to argue.

Once you’re hooked, you cannot stop. I usually watch them on youtube, where the the choice of different triggers is enormous. The sound of slime on your ears? Delivered. Soft whispers? Delivered. The leather jacket sounds? Delivered. Every kind under the sun. Finding your favourite sound is also a kind of adventure. Let me show you my favourite videos. Don’t forget about headphones!