If you visit a city for the first time, you should definitely look at and pose in front of all the popular sights monuments and the like are famous. Listen, smell and look up, over and all around you. Sit down, take breaks, drinks lots of coffees in lots of different cafes. Wear comfortable shoes and bring some cash and eat as much local food as possible.

Every time, I go to Lisbon I get lost but this time I decided to not be lost so I followed my instincts while surreptitiously staring at a map upside down and trying not to look like a tourist – I went straight to my phone, clicked on the map app and immediately located myself, right down to the direction I was facing in fairly obviously that staring at a phone while walking, then i noticed that I walked through this place more than three times. Being lost can be useful, for example, where ever you asked for something or direction many people will help you. If you lost your hope and decided to go home, you were annoyed and tired of being lost all day, don’t worry and don’t give up, enjoy the moment even with its disadvantages.