colors effects.

Did you know that what surrounds you may affect your emotions and mood? Have you ever noticed? Did you feel calm and relaxed in some places in particular?

Well, Colors are everywhere, and each color has an effect, which can reflect humans and animals’ emotions. as they say

world without colors is like life without emotions.


-White color

Is the color that shows purity, joy and peace. Doctors wear white because it gives them the feelings of comfort, hope, optimism, white color can also be helpful for calming nerve attacks for patients.

– Black color

Black is the color of mystery, also many countries, black is a way of mourning and expressing sadness.

-Red color

Is the color of fire, blood and revolution, as well as a color that generally indicates emotions, strong emotions, as well as strength, vitality, activity and perseverance

-Blue color

It is the color of the sky and the sea, has positive effects on the mind and the body and it can create an atmosphere of calm and mediation.

 -Yellow color

It is the color of the sun and gold. It is warm and reflects the heat of light but less brilliantly. It is also a beautiful and attractive color.

-Green color

It is the color of greenness that God has covered the earth from trees and plants, and the green color mediates the color between blue and yellow.


Each color has psychological effects on mood and behavior. Actually, I like all the colors, but black is not my favorite.