When we say that we know someone well, what we really mean is that we can make accurate guesses about what that person will do or think. well, we all have our own personality and we can even change personality throughout our life time. Everyone is individual and different in somehow but there some of Characteristics that everyone must have them such as, tenderness, being honest and philanthropy to other people and not in excessively way.

What you will do if you love someone, but you don’t like most if his/her actions?

There are too many ways to reach a solution for it and the best solution is (talking), you must talk and share in a respectful way that you don’t like the action and explaining why you don’t like it will make everything easier. Creating one thousand excuses for others is a good solution too.

 There is an old proverb that says, “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones”, I’ll translate this proverb as follows, “People who have personality traits in common should not criticize or judge.