Lvl up!

Hey! It’s been over three months from my arrival. I blinked and suddenly it’s September. When the time went? What happened? Mindblowing! Honestly, I’m happy about this, because it is known that the time flies fast when you are enjoying it. And I, obviously, am enjoying my time. I don’t want to focus on simple pleasures though. Do you know that living alone in foreign country may teach you something? Yes, I guess you are aware of it. I will willignly boast of the incredible skills I gained here:

  • Cooking

Please don’t laugh, but I was so bad at cooking that I was afraid to eat my own food. I was forced to cook since eating in restaurants is something I had to forget about. I’m glad I gained this skill so my death probability has decreased. I’m not the best though (yet), but a few brave people even paid me a compliment! Guess who is highly motivated to increase the skill level now?

  • Saving money

Everybody knows that money is not everything, but we also know that it helps in not starving to death. I eventually learnt how to limit my spending, how to not pay out on completely usless stuff just for sake of buying it. This skill is highly connected with the cooking ability.

  • Sense of direction

I was lost so many times here, so I eventually learnt how not to get lost. I was put in the deep water, I almost drown but I eventually learnt how to swim. You know what I mean.

  • Patience

I put this ability as the last one, because it’s still not leveled up enough. Portuguese people seem not to hurry anywhere and they always have time to everything. I can hardly understand it since I’m a fast paced person. But I am slowly (!) getting used to this. Patience is useful in life, right?


There is still a lot to learn. What will happen after 6 months? Maybe I’ll gain some superpowers? I don’t know, but I’m already excited!