You know that the Portuguese have excellent taste when it comes to food! Portuguese love to eat and to enjoy their time with dear ones. I know that from my own experience.Fresh fish and shellfish are found on virtually every menu. But what was interested for me is the national dish is “bacalhau,” dried, salted cod. Portuguese have been obsessed with it since the early 16th century, when their fishing boats reached Newfoundland. The sailors salted and sun-dried their catch to make it last the long journey home, Bacalhau is codfish that has been doused in vast quantities of salt and dried under the Mediterranean’s hot sun. This ancient method of preservation means the cod can be stored indefinitely at ambient temperatures, with no bacterial or mould able to grow on the highly saline dried, today there are said to be many different ways of preparing it. Also,  i noticed  that Grilled sardines is popular in the coastal towns.