Take care of yourself, okay?

Since my work in Rato is somehow based on creating and creativity in general, I was asked to listen and ilustrate two very interesting and highly emotional speeches. One of them, the more positive one, was a speech made by Steve Jobs in Stanford University. It was a manifest from a successfull man who knows his path about actually finding our own paths and become succesfull and happy with our lives. He encourages us to look for our purpose no matter what because it is what makes pepole fulfilled.

The second speech wasn’t that optimistic – it was a debate made by the Columbine school shooter’s mother. She mentioned how suicide rate increases with years, how difficult was it for her to understand what and why it happened and eventually, how we, people, easily ignore the importance of mental health.

The pictures were made by me as a part of the project. I wanted to simply image the main idea of the speech. I hope I did good enough 🙂