One Last Article

a lot of thoughts, a lot of feelings, a lot of questions and one word … life?

from where I should start, should I start with the amazing people that I met? should I start with the breathtaking places that I vested, or with all these things that I learned? 

10 months wasn’t enough and I don’t know if there’s enough from something like this, but in the same time, they were very good to make me learn a lot, try a lot, and feel a lot.

because it’s my last article at least like a volunteer I have the right to make it a little long, 

let’s start with saying thanks to the people that I met.

for”My amazing Boss” (Tiago) the first guy that I met in Portugal, thanks for teaching me how to make a crazy joke and a lot of things I can’t write it here.

for Rato monster and the person with the biggest heart (Nuno), thanks for teaching me how to compromise and how to give all of me for what I really care about.

for the most amazing leader, and the most amazing idol, for the person that doesn’t like to tack any photo ( Justyna), thanks for teaching me how to be practical with caring, how to be professional with sympathy and very strict without hurt anyone.

for the betufuel soul, the one and only (Monica), thanks for teaching me how to be welcoming and helpful for the people that you dont know .

for (kash) “I think you are not reading” but if you are, thanks for teaching me how it’s important to share our positive energy with others.

for (Stefano) the best friend and roommate ever, thanks for teaching me how to control my impulse and how to separate my personal life from work and when I should stop.

for Rammah, clementine, Luca, Marion, Ewelena, Rosa, and all these amazing internship guys, thanks for every thing, thanks for sharing your smiles, your love, and your positive energy with me, and thanks for teaching me how to be a better person.

For Portugal, the country with the most wonderful people, with the most amazing beaches, and nature, thanks for make me feel that I’m in my home. ** I promise you that I will come back, and very soon.

I know – and trust me when I say that I know-  its not easy to leave your comfort zone but you should know how much chances, how much experience, and how much feeling you will lose when you keep stuck in your circle, and if you think that’s the life end where your sight end you are wrong, So Ask, try, and give for others what you like to take, its just one life, make it worth. 

because it is life, there is always end for every journey, and this is not sad, What is sad, if the End of your journey wasn’t happy, and if you did not learn anything new and did not meet any people who left a good mark in your heart and you didn’t do the same in return, and this (thank God) what didn’t the end of my journey looked like.

one time an amazing person told me (the fact that you don’t see Brazil from here, that doesn’t mean it does not exist), and that what I want to say for all of  you . 
thanks, Nuno for teaching me that.

With all my love 
The most handsome guy and the best volunteer ever 
Ahmad Alsafadi.