Lisbon at it’s finest.

Hello. I’ve been in Portugal for a while so it’s the highest time to share my observations about this place. First of all, I’m impressed with the lack of skyscrapers and slow-life atmosphere. It feels like I was not in the well known fast-paced Europe anymore. I got inspried just to stop for a moment, breath deeply and enjoy the vista. The breathing is important because you can get really tired of climbing the steep roads in Lisbon, especially if the views are absolutely breathtaking 😉
Believe me, you want to get lost in these narrow and neverending roads – you are never sure what happend just behind the corner and it’s highly possible that it’s a beginning of a great adventure. Do the steep roads make you eventually exhausted? No worries! Portugal is prepared for such oportunity – just enter one of the widespread coffeshops, grab the really, really, really tiny but really really, really strong espresso coffe with delicious pasteis de nata cake and you’ll be ready to continue sightseeing. The more I stay here the more I love this place. I have an entire year to fall in love completely!