Olá! Czesc! Hello!

My name is Ewelina aka Evelyn aka Ketchup and I´m new to volunteering!

I am also new to Portugal, so I hope you understand and turn a blind eye to my, believe me, unintentional and occasional faux pas. Okay, let me tell you something about myself. As I mentioned previously, my name is Evelyn but my friends call me Ketchup. Why Ketchup? It´s a long and boring story and, believe me, you don´t want to hear this ;). I am 28 years old and my story begins with the breaking point of my life. One day I decided to quit my exhausting and monotonous job in corporation and do something extraordinary. So here I am! As a creative person, I draw a lot and use Photoshop in my everyday life. Computer games, cosmos, animations and people inspire me. I try to read as much as possible, use my imagination whenever I can (or cannot) and distribute enthusiasm for everyone.  I am ready to new challenges and ambitious projects.

I can´t say anything original at this point – I am just extremely happy and excited to work here, learn here and help people here. I am also (a little bit) scared because Portugal seems to be quite overwhelming. However, as far as I experienced, it´s also beautiful so if I get lost (which happens a lot wherever I am) I won´t be mad at all. It´s an opportunity for an adventure, isn´t it? Of course I won´t be late to work, so you don´t have to worry 😉 I´d love to exchange experiences and abilities with other people. We both can learn a lot. I hope so, at least. 


Ewelina Libawska