How to write (CV) .. ( 2/3 )

Workshop time: 15 hours (divided to 3 sessions) 
Target ages: +17

Interested audience: workers in ( NGOs,NPOs,teachers in the schools .. etc )

Session 2 ( descover yourself )

1- Ice breaking

The trainer start with some activities to try to mack the participant feel more comfortable and to let them know each other more.
** Depend on the number of participants and their ages, the trainer choose one of the ice breaking activities ( we will talk more about the ice breaking activities in the next articles)

2- Introduction

A- The trainer start with why this workshop important, some facts and numbers to support his reasons and to tack the attention of the participants. 

B- The trainer show´s  the workshop goals, the timetables and the program.

C- The trainer start to tack the participants expectations from the workshop to edit and change the workshop program to make it suitable with the participants needs.  

3- First activity ( Self-Portraits )

Activity goal : self-portraits offer people a creative outlet to express how they view themselves in a non-threatening format. In addition, self portraits will provide you with a deeper understanding of everyone’s background. A- The trainer offers

A-The trainer offers materials for the participants :-

  • papers ,pens ,Pencils , colors, .. etc
  • A copy of the self-portrait handout for each participant.

B- The trainer ask the participants :-

  • Ask participants to close their eyes and picture themselves. Encourage everyone to consider how they feel about their body, home life, school, friends and social activities. Give everyone a few minutes to grasp an activity.
  • Distribute the Self-Portrait handout and art supplies.
  • Ask everyone to draw their images of themselves to the best of their ability.
  • When everyone has completed the assignment, ask each person to describe their self portrait to the group.

C- the trainer ask and discess these question with the participants :-

  • How is your portrait different from the image you project to others?
  • What is a step you are willing to take to improve your vision of yourself?
  • How will you use what you have learned today?

4- Second activity (My Self-Esteem)

Activity goal: to make participants discovers the most things they like to do, (activities, hopes .. etc.) and try to find links between all of them, that will help them to try to define their future job or in which field they should focus .

A- The trainer start with give the participants (My Self-Esteem)
paper .

B- The trainer ask the participants to write 16 things they like to do in general or in their free time, like activities, hopes, jobs, daily things … etc. ( its not important to have skills to do these things, in this activity we just care about what they want and what they like )
** make sure to dont let them to write their names in the papers.

C- after the participants finished, the trainer ask them to look for their paper, think about everything and if they should erase 6 things from these list what they will erase, and after this the trainer asked them to erase these 6 things from the list.

D- After the participants finsh , the trainer collect the papers, shuffling them and distributes them for the participants randomly
** make sure that no one will tack his paper.

E- the trainer ask the participants now to try to find 4 links between what is in the list, and write them in the spaces.

F- now the trainer collect the papers again and ask the participants to take their paper.
** make sure to say for them to keep this paper for next activity , we will use it after.

5- third activity (My future job)

Activity goal: to make the other participant suggest a future jobs for each others depend in which every one will write in his paper ( his skills, his hoppes, and his life principles ) .

A- the trainer start with give the participants the ( My future life ) paper and explain every part from the paper.

part one : Things that have the most meaning in your life.
in this part the participents should write three things that they bleivie in ( the life principles).
that will guide them on their way to choose their field of working.

part tow : What i like to do in my free time.
in this part the participants what they like to do in general, what make them feel happy and comfortable.

part three : My skills
in this part the participant should write their skills, it’s not important in which field, the most important to write the skills that they really have in a good way.  

part four we keep it until the end.

B- the trainer collect the papers, shuffle them and distribute them randomly again, make sure everyone will take a different paper.

C- ask the participant to write one job in the ( Suitable job ) spaces depends on the previous parts.

D- repeat B and C twice.

E- collect the papers and give every participant his paper.

F-discuss the results with them.

5- Ending the session.

 The trainer review everything happened in the session and start to receive questions from the participants. 

To be continued …