Saberes e Sabores

This week-end it was the 9th edition of the intercultural festival “Saberes e Sabores”, it took place in the Pavilhão Municipal do Alto do Moinho.

There were different stands, representing many countries (Cuba, Cape Verde, Russia, Peru, Mozambique and so much more !) There were also different associations, Rato-ADCC had its own stand, and of course conferences, dances, songs, food, everything based on interculturality and sharing.

I was a volunteer during this festival so I could have helped CCRAM for the good fonctionning of the intercultural encounter, I also took some pictures, and helped in the restaurant part.

This was a good experience, I had never worked in a festival, and it was really nice to have other activities to do during this EVS. I hope people enjoyed the encounter, I enjoyed being part of the staff during this week-end !

Thank you for the opportunity !