How to write (CV) .. ( 1/3 )

Workshop time: 15 hours (divided to 3 sessions)
Target ages: +17

Interested audience: workers in ( NGOs,NPOs,teachers in the schools .. etc )

Session 1 ( where we are? )
The session goal: to give the participants chance to know themselves , that will help them to determine their competences, what they missing, identify their problems  and what they want to reach in the future.

1- Ice breaking

The trainer start with some activities to try to mack the participant feel more comfortable and to let them know each other more.
** Depend on the number of participants and their ages, the trainer choose one of the ice breaking activities ( we will talk more about the ice breaking activities in the next articles)

2- Introduction

A- The trainer start with why this workshop important, some facts and numbers to support his reasons and to tack the attention of the participants.

B- The trainer show´s  the workshop goals, the timetables and the program.

C- The trainer start to tack the participants expectations from the workshop to edit and change the workshop program to make it suitable with the participants needs.  

3- First activity ( Be ready )

A- The trainer start with showing this short movie ( )  about how the process in the government departments. [ the goal from that to link what happened in the movie and what happening in the jobs interview, and for how much we should be ready to keep up with all the competences that they ask for ].

B- The trainer start to ask about the most competences required at this time, and how we can reach it.

4- Second activity (life line)

Activity goal: to make participants discovers the most effective moments in their life ( what they proud of, what the most important moments and where they seeing themselves in the future, that will help them to realise their strong points, and what they should changed to reach their goals)

A- The trainer start with give the participants paper( you can find the paper in the attachment) to help them to identified the important moments in their life and make them ready for the next step.

B- The trainer offers materials ( papers , ropes, scissors, pens, .. etc ) and ask the participants to make their life line and put on it the most important moments, what they proud of and where they watching them self in the future).

C- The trainer ask the participants to present their life line and highlight to the important point on it.

D- After the trainer listen for all the participants, he show them this video and discuss it with them.

5- Ending the session.

 The trainer review everything happened in the session and start to receive questions from the participants.

To be continued …