Bom dia a todos! Buongiorno a tutti!

My name is Stefano.

From March to the end of May 2019 I will be realizing a post graduate internship in Rato-ADCC.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.


First at all I have to say that it is my first time in Portugal and I know very little about the Portuguese language and culture. I know only what my friends, who have been on holiday here, told me.

But it’s really all here?

Of course not, so I’m really look forward to getting to know the Portuguese culture and tradition. This isn’t my first time living abroad but I’m sure that these months in Laranjeiro are going to be unique, exciting and different.

Last but not last, I’m going to work in a dynamic environment and participate in activities to spread the digital competences in the hosting community. Moreover I have the opportunity to learn from the people who work in Rato-ADCC, the volunteers and my roommate. There will be many things to discover and learn in these few months.

On my first day I have already discovered that in Portuguese “pasta” means “folder”. You can imagine the culture shock from an Italian point of view.