i will not give up

I should write the part 2 from how to write project series, but i don’t find the laptop that i used to work on it, here i dont mean i don’t find it like it disappear, because there is a lot of people read this blogs and they will be crazy if i said something like that, but i don’t find this laptop anywhere in the tapels so for me that mean is disappear at least today!!

And it’s a good way to start my article actually because i think there is something wrong!! I don’t know if there is someone put spell on me to make things not go in a good way, or to let me have a bad luck these days, or maybe that because i’m so handsome and i can’t take every things in this life, i don’t know, but what i’m sure about it that there is something wrong.

Should i start with the NIF number story or that i spent 5 hours just to open bank account and after 5 hours that doesn’t work, or maybe i should start with how i had a very strong cold and how that make me spent my weekend sick, or how even i didn’t be able to open account on a stupid app, that mean i should come back to bank to try to open bank account again.
So trust me there is something wrong!!
But you know i’m really not mad or disappointed, because i know strongly all of these things mean that god want from me to wait, because it’s still not the right moment for these things. In islam, god ask us to work, to put a lot of effort when we want to have something, to make us learn to don’t be lazy and to make us deserve it when it come, in the same time, he promised us if we did that he will sent for us what is better for our life, what will make us stronger, what will make us happier.

Sometime we just imagine if we can have something that thing will make us happier, better, stronger, and how this thing will change our life, but when we have it, we start to wish if just we didn’t have it from the first.

Because that i used to trust on god, and being sure that i just should make effort without be stress about any thing or afraid, because in the end, i don’t know what it will be better for my life but he is know.

Because that, i will not give up, and i’m sure that something amazing very soon will happen, i can feel it <3 .