Time to say, “Até já!”

Wow, time flies!

It looks like it was yesterday that I arrived in this new Portugal life with the eyes of a child ready to discover everything and go to new adventures. And they started directly, first weekend with Festa do Avante! What a good way to start this ! Little that I know that it will be so great. I will not retrace everything that happened during this EVS because it will take one hundred years and I know myself, I will start to become emotional.

So let’s pretend I just won an Oscar and let’s say thanks to people I met during this six months.

Let’s get started with my amazing flatmates. Big Thanks you to all of you guys! Thanks to the present ones, Marion and Ahmad and to the ones from the beginning of my EVS that now have been gone to live other adventures; yeah that you Rammeh and Luca. Oh, and how I can not thanks the famous André for all the tips he gave us about margem sul ? Thanks to you all, you have been amazing. Yeah, now I am about to say this cliché sentence that you can find in every cheesy movies: you have all been amazing friends, advisers and often, partners to sing songs from the 80’s loudly and badly in the kitchen! And then the cheesy part is coming…. I think you all help me grow ! (yes, this is the moment you start playing violin, take a tissue and cry because what I just say is so beautiful).

A special thanks to all the EVS volunteers that I met during this six months, I cannot quote everyone because we are a lot of EVS in this country. Oh my god I never met so many nice people, in this short amount of time, in my life. Is being great an unknown criteria to be an EVS? Because it looks so! So, yeah thanks for all the trips, all the parties and all the unforgettable memories!

And of course a thousands thanks to Nuno, Justyna, Tiago and all the person who works in Rato – ADCC to allowed me to come here and to live this amazing life experience. I have developed a lot of professional and personal competences thanks to my works in Rato but also a good understanding about what happen in this country.

E muito muito muito obrigada para a senhora Hermina para sua ajuda em portuguese. Agora, posso (mais o menos) compreender, escrever e falar Português !

So yeah, now I think you got the idea, I would like to thanks each and every person that I met during this evs because I truly think I learn something from each one of them. I have also a message for all of you and for the futur evs that is maybe reading this : keep seeing the positive side of every situations (seems basic but it helps). If you want to do a crazy thing, JUST DO IT ! EVS is made for this, don’t miss the chance of an adventure.

And now my project is over but I am not leaving yet! I have still one week remaining and I will not miss this opportunity to live a few last adventures and do something new. I have already a lot of ideas!!

I will not say goodbye because I will be back, FOR SURE! I mean, I basically live next door, I just have to book a 10e plan ticket and here I am again !! So beijinhos to all and Até Já my friends !

So Homegrown alligators, See you later !! Gotta hit the road, Gotta hit the road…