My EVS in two different associations

I think that I have to explain this title : At the same time I am working in Rato-ADCC and in CCRAM (Centro cultural e recreativo do Alto do Moinho), two different associations for one EVS ! At least, I am never bored !

So, today I would like to talk to you about my work inside the two associations. Perhaps, someone will one day make the same project as me, so here, I want to share my experience.

In Rato, I am making tutorial videos for the YouTube channel, and podcasts with the other volunteers, but mainly I help the association during workshops in schools. I like this work, I discover and learn a lot of things.

In CCRAM, I am helping the communication and marketing manager in her work: I design posters and flyers for the different events and activities offered by the association, I help for the organization and I take pictures during these events. CCRAM is a big association and there is always a new amazing event to prepare ! I like my work there, I learn a lot too, and I meet a lot of people !

At first, I was afraid of this project because I did not know how to organise my work between the two associations, but Rato and CCRAM, are two understanding and helpful associations. They help me organizing my work, and so far everything is great !