how to write project (part one)

Before 2 weeks ( more or less ) I started to work on a new project talking about “how to write project”, in this project we dont just target a Teenagers in school but also we target the worker in these filed, and here i mean people working in NGO and NPO and anyone interested to applyied project for the national agency.

In this project we doing two main things

1- videos tutorials
(these videos its for anyone have access on national agency website, also anyone interested in projects can find a lot of useful advices can help him in any project he want to applied for.)

2- school workshops
(these workshops are aimed at adolescents in schools)

The project goals ( from my perspective)

1- Help the community by helping people to start their oun projects with any agency they want to cooperate with, and createing more projects that mean find more hands and minds to work and help to make this world better

2- Create jobs for youth and chance to use their energy to help their community.

3- New projects mean new ideas and new solutions for problems that we facing

4- Try to create kind of competitions in this field ” projects field ” and this competitions will forced people to make more efforts to get proved.

In the next article, I will talk more about what exactly we doing in these workshops and how we can improve these workshops and be sure that it will be suitable for our target audience .