Unforgettable Memories

The bad moment when you say good bye, much time I meet friends the area day he come back to her country and stay the word I hope see you again. Two weeks work together goes to the bitch together cooks together ……. All things together.

First person  I will miss her smile,  all the time she’s happy  ,she give positive energizer and motivate the group  , she’s so lovely  and cute , she don’t like who touches it  and the best eat for it watermelon .

Second person, she‘s quiet, she stay the most of the time silence. Think of many things in secret, she don’t want anyone know what’s inside. But she’s cute too.

They take a big place in my heart very fast; it’s so difficult the prating.

I want say good luck in your life, and thank a lot.

I don’t want forget my brother we will continued together .

I adapted quickly to the atmosphere and how to live and I like the work with Rato-ADCC.