What is the theme song of your memories ?

Hi everyone, it’s me again for another article about music. Not because I don´t have any inspiration but specially  because music was my inspiration of this week.

It’s been a long time since I have been to a proper concert with a first part and a main show. I have been to a lot of music festivals but I have to say that it is not the same. I really love both, but with a show in a concert hall it is a completely different atmosphere. You can really feel and focus on the emotion that the artist is trying to give you. Meanwhile, in a festival, there are other factors that can keep you away from it. What I mean is, you go on a music festival around 80% for the concert and live performances and I will say the two others 10% are for the festive atmosphere of the event and the food. When you decide to go in a live music show, it is 100% for the show because obviously the only thing that you can do is to listen. There is nothing to distract you from the music. Don’t get me wrong, I really love festivals, and this is not an article to compare both of then, but this week, I rediscover the awesomeness of a proper live music show in a concert hall.

This last sunday, I went to a live music show of Hozier in Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon with my good friend Romane. The place of the concert fitted perfectly with the atmosphere of both groups that have played. We were sitting in the center of the Coliseu, in sits that gave us a very nice view of the performances. The first part of the show was amazingly handled by Suzanne Santo. Let me tell you a little bit about her because she is frankly awesome. She is a north-american singer who also play violin. During the show she plays along with one guitar player, one pianist and one drummer. She has this deep voice that goes deep through you heart and kind of sounds like Adele’s. It is one of the most amazing thing you ever heard.

The main part was Hozier. I have to admit that before going to his concert, I only known a few of his songs but not all of his artistic universe. So, it was a total re-discovery for me. His others songs are very different from his international hit “Take me to church”, which is good but very overheard and, in my opinion, not very well representative of his universe which is more folk, rock and blues. He has this vintage vibes in all his others songs. I think this one, give a the best picture of the show:

Ok, and now, it is …. COMPLAINING TIME! There are something that very bothering me during EVERY concerts and that I can not understand: people who record the entire show on their phone. Can you, please, stop doing that? I am saying that for you own good. First, you are missing the entire show. It is better quality in real life than on your 20 cm screen. Second, you will never watch it again the days after because you will realize that is bad quality video and you cannot hear anything. So, just put your phone away and ENJOY the concert. I swear you will still be able to remember it. Eyes are the best camera. You’ll see, you will thank me later!

Complaining time is over, now let’s go back to the topic. 

Last day, one of my dear friend (hello Luca), told me that most of the songs that he listens are related to a memory. Now that I am thinking about it, it is very true for me as well. I will even add, that is this particular memory that make you like this song. Even if this not the most amazing song in a world, it make you smile because it reminds you of this specific moment of your life where you felt good. Every memory has his own theme song. And from now on, when I will listen to Hozier and Suzanne Santo it will be always related to my EVS and my very great moments spent in Lisbon. 

Now, I just realized that I am writing this article almost exactly three years after the Bataclan’s attack in France. Not a good memory. It was very symbolic because it touched an important part of our French culture which is also a big part of my life. I thing, as well as a lot of French people, now, when I go to concerts, I can’t keep myself from having this little thought for it in one corner of my head. But fortunately, it does not keep us away from our love of concerts and parties. I think it have made our passion, grow even more.

So, we could say that music is a very powerful and important tool that people use since the beginning of time to spread messages and that we should keep sharping and never destroy. I wanted this article to only speak about emotions trough music but it turned out to be talking about deeper subjects. Sorry about that.

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading and I will see you next week for another post.