How to appreciate yourself? – part one –

Ola, Hi

i hope you are will
in this week there is nothing happened, i mean there is nothing special, normal week, workshops in the schools, work in the office, and a lot of time of trying to learn portuguese
but i finished my first tutorial and belevie it or not i add music in this tutorial
and even if the – rato-adcc monster – of course said to me no, but he said that for the music that i choosen not for the idea and beleve me when i said,it is a good progress

because i’m in diet so this week there is no special food, in the entire week i just ate green things – sheeps style –
and of course because we should to focus on learning portuguese there is no movie for this week, sooooooooorry

but i have something i want really to talk with you about, because for me it is a very important things for all of us, and if we know it  that will help us to solve a lot of problem that we have.

How to appreciate yourself?
before we start to know how we can to do that we should know how much we appreciate ourselves?

and to knowing that, please answering on these questions

1- imagine that you will meet your crush, for example, do you will wearing the same clothes that you wearing now?

2- imagine that you have special guest in your home, do you will preparing for him the same meals that you ate yesterday?

3- did you said a compliment for yourself this morning front of the mirror?

4-honestly, do you think that you deserve better position in your job? did you talk with your boss about that?

5- who is more (handsome/beauty), you or (Tom Cruise) / (aishwarya rai)?

think on these questions and answering on it
and in the next article i will said to you how much you appreciate yourself and how we can increase our sense of appreciation from ourselves.