Allahu akbar, between news and reality

ola, marhaba ,Hi  ,salut
Tudo bem?

guess who is here, yes it’s me 🙂
in this week there is a lot of things happened ,a new friends, new dishes, amazing movies
and of course  a lot of things i want to shared with you about my religion and of course about my amazing country
so what we wait? let’s start

like i said before in the previous article i will divide my article  to 3 parts the first one will be about  what happened in my week, the second one about foods and movies, and the third one about my religion and my countries.

1- different countries, one aim

in this week we had a meeting with many volunteers from 3 different organizations, in general the meeting was amazing , we enjoyed a lot, we met a lot of new friends, and we ate delicious foods prepared by the volunteers

after we played some games to know each other and after we ate all of that adorable foods we went to trip by boat for two hours, and that trip was realy breathtaking, just imagens two hours in the middle of the sea, waters , sun, and a lot of awesome people, what you want more than that?

if you think the day was end here you are wrong, becouse after we came back from the trip, we played a board games with realy realy amazing Polish people, and of course i will not forget nadia, she is the most fabulous 7 years old girl i met.

again, if you think the day was end here you are wrong
because after that we come back to home to continues our party.

the other things happened this week and i should told you about it, that finally i´m finished my enfographic video, after five tryles, so literally it was amazing week, thanks god 😉

2- cooking with Ahmad

in this episode from cooking with ahmad we will prepare delicious dishes, and trust me when i said it will be delicious ( don’t worry i just imagine my self present a food show, im not crazy, at least i hope that. )

so, take your note book and write the ingredients for our first recipe

rice with fish and vegetables
for this dish we need
1- rice
2- fish ( any type of fish, its depend on what you like, you can replace the fish by chicken, but dont do that with ham )
3- vegetables ( carrot, onion,Batata,corn,green peas)

to prepare this dish you shoud first put the rice in hot water for 1/2 hour
in this time cut the batata and the carrot to cubes and put all the vegetables except the onion in boiling water and let it boilng until you felt it´s done and its not hard any more

take the vegetables from the water and save the water because we need it.

prepared the fish in a very good way and keep it ready ( the way to prepare the fish depend in what you used ) i used ´´fish hot dogs´´ , its to easy to prepear and it has a good taste

put some olive oil in the cooking pot, put the onion wait 4 minutes after that put the vegetables and the fish
wait 5 minutes, take the rice from the water and put it above all of this ingredients, wait 3 minutes and after that add 1 1/2 cup of hot water ( from the vegetables) to each cup of rice and but some flavor ( salt, cinnamon, garlic powder, .. etc )  cover it and wait until become ready.

this amazing dish of course need amazing movie, i will not speak a lot about this breathtaking movie but  i will just say this is the most movie will touch you deeply inside, and it will make you think for days about justice in this life.



3- Allahu akbar, between news and reality

( allahu akbar ) i think all of us heard this word before, at least once , in the streets, from the mosques , from our muslims friend, or from the news
but, have you asked yourself before, what this word really means?

i said ´´really´´ because i know a lot of people they have this wrong knowledge about what this word mean, and i don´t plame them, because that what the news wanted from them, because the news tried to distorting the true meaning of this word by relaited it with alot of blastings, murders, and violence videos,
in this article i will not discuss why they do that, maybe in onther one, but in this article i want to tell you the truly meaning for this word.

( allahu akbar )
this is one of the most common word in the islam religion, why? because , you should say it 5 times at the 5 prayers, and you will hear it 5 times a day at the time of the ´´adhaan´´

but why you should ( like a muslim ) to do that? why this word specifically?

( allahu akbar ) or the ((Takbir)) literally mean “Allah (GOD) is [the] greatest”

and implicitly means,
Allah greater than all of our pains
Allah greater than all of our disappointments
Allah greater than all of our sorrow
and from all of our tears

it means that allah is the greatest
so dont afraid from any one, dont afraid to do the right things, saying truthfulness, defend rights

dont afraid from any one you think he has power more than you, from losing your job, from injustice, from losing who you love

as long as you do the right things and as long as you believe the allah is greater than everythings, dont afraid
because allah realy is the greatest.


and last but not least i will keep you with some pics for my country and in the next article i will told you why you should visit jordan

so, i hope you enjoyed by reading my article and if you have any things you want to say it about my article just emailed me 😉