The Change is Coming

when i asked myself about what i written in the last month, i see that i wasn’t write something very useful for you guys, ok maybe i have some amazing articles in the blog and i know that you already fall in love with my articles but i know you deserves more, becouase that, i decided to change my amazing way to write articles and start to doing that in a better way.

if you ask yourself how it will be? i will say to you now
my new articles will be divided to 3 parts

the first part
in the first part i will talk about  my week,
what happened, what i discovered, were i went , … etc

the second part
the secound part will be about the foods and movies.
because i loooooove foods and i love cook it
i will share with you what i cooked for this week, gradients, recipes, and of course the pictures and if you think its the end no no no you are wrong, because come on you are EVS
and even if you are soooo busy but you still have time for some wonderful movies because that i will suggest some amazing moviess i watchd, and about movies no one better than me to take his advice, Trust me, i’m an engineer ;p

the third part
the third part will be about my religion and my home and here i’m not mean just jordan but also about palestine because i am ( palestinian-jordanian )
so in the third part i will talk about islam ( what we can do and what we cant,  what we believes, and about how you can handling with  your muslim roommate ).
and about my countries( the traditional foods, the cityes, ….. etc ).

are you excited? i know you are but for now i should say ( salam alaikum) (goodbye) (Tchau)
and i hope i will meet you in another article.
dont forget «« Trust me, i’m an engineer »»