welcome to portuguese lessons

today it’s the first day of the portuguese lessons
we started the day by wake at 8 am, seeing the tree while it took a shower under the rain, it’s literally made my day , and smell the smell of the rain it was just made me start my day in a very good mood.
now after i ate my breakfast im ready to go to the portuguese lessons and return to become a student again after 5 years of finishing the last stage in school

unexpectedly i loved that feeling, why not, actually i had a lot of good memories there so its not a bad thing to remember this moments again

by train we went there, and the funny thing, that no one of us knew where we should to stop, and while we in the train we just spent the time by trying to remember the right way and tryed to remember any sign can tell us that we are not lost, and guess what?, we saw McDonald’s, yep, McDonald’s was our sign 😉

in the school and since we entered from the door we met a lot of kindness people
all of them greeted us with a big smile and warm welcome
from the school´s guard, “cozinheira amélia “ she´s the school cooker, to the most amazing persone in the world, our teacher ( senhora “herminia domingues “ ), they letarlly gave us alot of love and made us feel like we were in our home.

i hoped the portuguese lesson will be easier, but unfortunately, portuguese language it’s too difficult, we spent two and half hours learn portuguese and in my whole life i didn’t feel i’m so stupid as i did in these two and half hours. but i didn’t raise my white flag yet and to prove it to you i will introduce myself in portuguese …..

bom dia , boa tarde, boa noite
eu chamo-me Ahmad alsafadi
eu tenho vinte e um  anos
eu son jordano
muito prazer em conhecé-tu
e tu?