When inspiration is missing, talk about music!

Hello people !

A new week has been started, which mean a new article must be written by me. But, it turns out that this week is one of those where the inspiration has decided to stay at home and sleep. So I have decided that I will share to you three songs that I have been playing on repeat those past few days and maybe it will bring you the inspiration that I don´t have.

This first one is by a song writer  Lookman Adekunle Salami, also known has L.A Salami, it is called Day To Day (for 6 Days a week). For me this song is about the passing of time and how we have to manage the routine of life combine with all the horrible things that happens in the world everyday and that we can´t do nothing about. We just have to continue running after time. I think  this quote from the lyrics well resumed the idea of the song – Scared of living, Afraid of dying, terrified of being-.

And without a transition, let´s carry on with the next one which is a song in french, well not from France but from Belgium. It is performed by Angèle and Roméo Elvis, two siblings from Belgium. On a very rousing melody, they sing about how being melancholic- le spleen – is not “trendy” anymore and how society force you to find this happiness. A translation of a part of the lyrics could be : “If you have the will to be happy, you will be. If you just close your eyes, you will forget about your problem. It is simple, just be happy”.

Let’s finish this little playlist with a song called Hero by Family of the Year. I have discovered it while watching the movie Boyhood by Richard Linklater, a movie about the dramatic daily life of boy and his family. In my opinion, this song could speaks to everyone because it is about the feeling of wanted to reject the life pressure of playing and being the Hero of the classical theater play of life which is getting married, having a good job and kids etc…

This playlist is now over. I hope you liked it. Maybe you have found your new favorite artist thank to me or a least you made some new musical discoveries, ether way, my duty is done!

See you next week with a new article full of inspiration! (and if not you will be serve with another sample of my music taste)