Czesc! Olá! Hello! :)

Czesc! Olá! Hello! 

My name is Katarzyna 🙂

From October to the end of November 2018 I will be realizing a job shadowing project in Rato-ADCC.

The project, called „ DEOR+”  aims at strengthening a long term partnership, between the organizations Rato-ADCC (Portugal) and KobieTY (Poland), in order to  transfer  experience and good practices.

My role in this project is to observe, being a  „shadow” of Rato workers in order to see what they are doing on a daily basis, how they plan and implement their work and which tools and methods they use to work with other organizations and the local community. My personal aims are: to get new inspirations and ideas on how to work with young people (including youth with fewer opportunities) and seniors, to boost my motivation in social work and to learn ICT (Information and Communication Technology) tools in order to improve  the DEOR (dissemination and exploitation of results) in international projects.

The main result of the activity will be an online multimedia document presenting different ICT tools useful in youth work with a special focus on spreading project results – how to use them and benefit from them.

In the long-term perspective, this project aims to increase awareness regarding the importance of mobility  programs like Erasmus+, and the importance of active participation of youngsters in European educational opportunities.

But enough about the project … 😉 Some more information about me: I grew up in Poland, I graduated in Psychology at the University of  Lodz  (my beloved city). Since 5 years I’ m working in an NGO KobieTY ( as International Projects Coordinator. During this time I was mainly working with EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers and I absolutely loved it! Since 2013 I have worked with 98 international and around 30 local volunteers.

Professionally I am  interested in improving the quality of international collaborative projects as well as developing personal skills as a facilitator and trainer. I am an optimistic, procrastinating perfectionist 😀 In  my free time I love experience-oriented traveling (staying open, sensitive and careful towards everything  „different” and new, observing and interacting with the locals, trying new food, taking pictures of interesting and beautiful things), cooking (using spices brought from international trips mentioned), making  jewelry and handcrafts. Apart from that, I looove wrapping gifts. And I am panically afraid of frogs 🙁