You should be dancing !

So my big question for today is: should we care about what other people think of us or should we enjoy life regardless ?

Personally I think we should dance and sing and express our mood (of course without interfering with the good health of others) if we want to, without taking care of how others will be looking even if it is on the middle of a crowded street. Easier to say than to do? Indeed, since we were little our parents, relatives and society dictate us a certain way to behave that is that you need to be calm, you must not be making a show of yourself because you need to keep a good and clean image in front of other people. That image, most of people have integrated it unconsciously and  unintentionally.

So when some people dare to break the “rule” and start to make music, singing and dancing in the street and breaking those society codes of behavior the others start smiling and looking at them. I think it’s because they are thinking “oh yeah, this person managed to do that something that I want to do deeply but will never do, it’s great”. They see themselves through those people. And something the energy is so strong that they will join them and for a moment all those behavior codes disappear.

I don’t know if you have ever sing out loud or dance in the street but it feels very good. You feel free as a bird and light as a feather.  My advice to you is if someone is playing music on the street and you feel like you want to go dance near by, JUST DO IT! (say hello to our good friend Shia Laboeuf). You will see all the joy that will bright you. And not only to you but also to the passer-by, because you will certainly make their day. The best part of it is that you will give the energy to people to come and join you and it will be a great moment where everybody will feel free together.

I believe that we are the only one in charge of our happiness and that it depends on what we decide to do and think. Starting seeing and thinking in a positive way will eventually bring your life in more positive direction with all the good things that go with it. Call me a fool, but if everybody start thinking that way, it could really turn this crazy world into a better place.

Now I leave you with this magnificent song from the 80’s and its crazy video clip that well resume my mood while writing this article.