Let’s the Evs adventure begin Camarada !

Hi! I am Clementine, I am twenty one and I come from North of France. I am a big fan of live music, so much that I was volunteering in a concert hall last year and I did a civil service in a music association in South of France.

I was really impatient to come to Portugal to start my EVS journey and to live many new unexpected adventures. However, before leaving home, I was in mix feelings between excitement and apprehension , because on one side it is a new adventure with a lot of things that are waiting for me to happen but in the other hand there are also the one little scary part of unknown that will certainly be there in the beginning. In fact, this feeling went away very quickly because the welcoming was great. Nuno picked me up at the airport and I discovered the Lisbon traffic jam. Then I met Luca and Rammeh and they showed me everything there is to know about the city area and the apartment.

The new adventure started right away: with André and Luca, we went to Festa de Avante, a big arts and culture festival organized by the Communist Party of Portugal. It was three days with a lot of live music to dance on, a lot of food to eat (in fact, we have ate a lot of sweetness and falafels) and of course a lot of discussions about communism. It was something great and now I have the Carvalhesa song stuck in my head playing on repeat all day. Actually I’m quite fine with it! Avante Camarada!



To end our day off on one other good note, we went to Costa da Caparica to spend the day at the beach and to get some rest from the past festival’s days.  It was nice. The weather was so good. I even got a little tan (and that is something to be notice because that never happens to me).

It was a great first weekend and a very good way to start my EVS. So yes, I believe the rest of my EVS promises to be as good as these first days. Now I am looking forward to see what it is going to happen next.