Olà people!
If you are future volunteers, i have a piece of advice (-cit) for you.. Nuno looks like a giant, pessimistic and scorbutic yeti, but he is not. Of course he needed 2000 km to say us (ex volunteers) that we are special.. Or maybe he did just to have the post after the evs? I belive that he is not a mentiroso and he thinks this: I have trust in the humanity and in people.. And this is what Nuno and me have in common (ahahahah).

Ghost of the past, this is for you: if you were really positive, you hadn’t to remember us to write. We were going to do it without your reminder.. But now we can’t prove this and you will belive that you were right because in your opinion we forgot Portugal (you know the face that I did when I listened this sentence). Anyway, you can belive this if it’s easier for you.

About me, I came back in Italy. I can’t say “I came back home” because right now I feel homeless. This feeling is really strange: I don’t know where I belong. My hometown is in the countryside of Brescia, I’m working in Milan, my boyfriend lives in Rome (where I’m now), my friends are all spread in Italy and in the world, and.. yes, a part of me is in Portugal, also if someone suggests that it isn’t like this. There isn’t a place where I can leave my things, my clothes, my feelings.. I’m always travelling with my backpack, always toward places important for me. So maybe I don’t have a home..

But wait, what is home?

For me home is a place where you feel loved as you are and you love who is there. The concept of home is not about a place, but about love and people. So maybe it’s not true that I don’t have a home.. Mybe I have a lot of homes.. Or maybe just one, inside my heart. This is why I don’t feel “saudade”, because all the people that I love are not just a blurred memory, but they are a part of me and they are always with me. And I can’t forget this. Of course I will live in a lot of other places, I will meet other people, I will stop to say “com licença” when someone is blocking my way. But I will never forget.

Home is where the heart is.
Pliny the Elder