How I met my favorite Arabic girl


So Nada, I know you didn’t expect that and when you see this post you will be surprised but yes – this article is gonna be about you.

Before coming here I had many doubts and fears – living with 5 girls from another countries in one flat. 6 girls in one flat – many of you will agree that it sounds quite challenging. But after all, it’s one of the best things that happened to me here and our living room in Laranjeiro is one of my favorite places in Portugal.

Before I also didn’t meet many Muslim people and my knowledge about Middle East and Islam was minimal. So I was quite curious but also concerned how it’s gonna be to share a flat with an Arabic girl. So many differences – so distant culture, another religion. Many differences that sometimes can cause conflicts and divide people, especially when you live, work and spend almost all the time together. But it’s a big surprise because you’re one of the most important people I met here and I’m really thankful to the Destiny that it brought us together at the same time to Portugal.

Even though I really loved travelling and meeting people from another countries I didn´t expect that a person from such a different cultural background, that is at a first glance completely different than me, will become so close to my heart. Life is full of surprises.

Because of you I realized that the stereotypes about Arabs and Muslims, that unfortunately people in Poland believe in, are wrong. But it’s not the only one thing I learned from you. Maybe you’re not even aware of that but you’re very charismatic person and first of all – you’re a good person, truly good with a warm heart. You taught me a lot about the world, your culture, your religion and also inspired me to many things. Shukran!