I really don´t want to think about it but yes – my EVS is almost over. I have about 14 days to finish the project, 9 of which are working days. I don´t want to think about it because I feel like it´s not enough. These six months were so fast. I remember the day when I arrived in Portugal as if it were yesterday but on the other hand so many things happened – new places, new people, new experiences. I gained so much that it makes me feel like I´ve been here much more longer. It´s also not enough because I know I could learn and do more than I did but some things we realize only after.

As I´m finishing the project it´s also time to write my YouthPass!

You can put it in your youthpass  ~ Nuno Carvalho

It´s time to think, reflect and point out things that you learned. While writing YouthPass you have to make kind of a self-evaluation and honestly, I didn´t expect that it´s gonna be so difficult. You can easily say about things that are visible but if you want to specify things and go deeper it´s becoming more and more difficult.
Recently I discovered or maybe just realized, because I started to think what I really learned here and in which way I can use it for my future (Nuno thanks for helping me in this process), that thanks to the people around me I gained so much. Believe me, I would never have learned so many things if I was here without you. Each person I met here, especially people I lived with and worked with taught me something new.
Last time Nuno told me that after EVS Rato will be dead for us, one month and it will simply die in us. I know it sounds horrible but the meaning is quite positive – each death brings new life, so when we finish this experience we should know what we learned and use it in the best way for the future. But personally I don´t fully agree. I know that I will remember this project as a big experience in my life and a beautiful time. For me it´s kind of a milestone making significant change in my world-view so consequently – in my life. This project planted a seed in me so it will never really die. It´s gonna be just a groundwork for something that will happen in the future.
And as Steve Jobs said:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

I know that now I am able to point out just the part of things this project gave me. Some of them will be visible for me just in the future – days, months or even years after the project.