Olá a todos!
O meo tempo em Portugal esta a acabar.. Então esse é o momento para resolver o mistério deste país: no final eu resolvi!
Eu vou a escriver em Inglês para praticidade.

Allora, we were speaking about this mistery..
I was with my boyfriend in Açores (you have to pronounce well this name otherwise no portuguese person will understand you, they are very closed mind about sounds), on a black volcanic beach, relaxing under the sun, thinking to nothing and just enjoing the moment.. And suddenly a big wave arrived on the sand and on us and on all our stuffs. You can imagine my disappoint, my italian funny imprecations (who knows me knows what I’m speacking about) but also our laughts for the ridicuolus situation. So after the laughs, we came back to enjoy the sun.

After a while I stand up and I notice a scaring thing: um sapato. O meo sapato. Sozinho.. A shoe. My shoe. Alone.


We began to look to the ocean, like shipwrecked peers in the waves, and we saw something dark buffeted from the water. So my brave boyfriend plunged into the cold water to save my shoe.. He had to swim a lot and when he arrived he was just a little dark shape in the water. He turned and showed me two things in his hands.. At that moment I didn’t understand what he was showing me  because he was too far.. He came back with two shoes! One mine and
one.. was his shoe! The wave took also his shoes!

We looked a lot for his other shoe, but it was disappeared in the ocean.. We never found it.

So the problem of Portugal is the ocean: a spiteful robber that is collecting shoes and moving them all around the world. Maybe I took pictures of brazilian, chinese or french shoes..

So in conclusion, the most important thing that I learned in this six months in Portugal is.. to pay attention to my shoes: they can disappear suddenly.
And another thing: shoes are adventurous. They want to travel, to see new things, new grounds, new roads.. If you are not taking care of their needs, the shoes will prefer to go with the ocean towards new lands!

And.. Can I give you a piece of advise?
Take care of your shoes: TRAVEL!
And can I give you another piece of advise
Italy is an amazing place.. I will wait for you 🙂

A big hug to everyone!

Quem lê é parvo! Buahah


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