Natal e Ano Novo!

Szczesliwego Nowego Roku!

Feliz Ano Novo!

Happy New Year!

This year Christmas time was completely different. The first time in my live I spend Christmas without family and somewhere else than in my family home. In Poland it´s the most important holiday and we celebrate it very much, however I decided to stay in Portugal, because I arrived just 3 weeks before the Christmas. Moreover, I was curious how is it to spend this unique time in a different country. Although I miss my family, friends, traditions very much, I think that spending Christmas abroad is a unique way to create some special and remarkable memories!

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year – the family can spend time all together enjoying food, lights, carols and gifts!

Some of us came back home so just before the Christmas with other volunteers, who are my temporary family now, we decided to make a dinner with small secret-santa gifts and amazing Italian pizza! It gave me the opportunity to feel the Christmas vibe and enjoy this pre-christmas evening with people who have the special place in my heart now.

The Christmas Eve I spent in Lisbon. With my polish  friend we went for a big dinner with an international company. We gathered some erasmus students and all together we enjoyed this unique time and food from different parts of the world – from Polish pierogi to Cuban chicken!

These small moments made this time surprisingly great.

But of course there are a couple of things to miss about Christmas when you’re away from home:


Obviously! I think everyone agrees that there is no food like at home. Even if you are the best chef, the taste will never be the same.


I definitely miss them, especially during Christmas time when we are able to be almost all together.


I´ve always considered my pets as a part of my family so yeah – I miss also my dog.

Christmas tree

At my home we always put real christmas tree with many decorations and lights. The smell is magic – you can really feel the forest! Here we also put the christmas tree, that we found in our flat, to feel christmas vibe but suprisingly – it´s black.


I find my closest friends almost as my family. Inseparable part of Christmas eve is going out together after dinner.

Cold weather

Suprisingly! No complaining about the snow and cold this year – but honestly maybe that´s why I din´t feel the christmas mood so much. In Portugal it´s too warm!


Despite all these missing things I really enjoyed this unusual for me way of spending the Christmas.

Then came the New Year´s Eve. To celebrate the last night of the year and welcome 2018 we had a crazy party all night long.

Obviously I have some New Year´s Eve resolutions but I will keep it to myself. Meanwhile I´m wishing all of you Feliz Ano Novo! May 2018 be full of happiness, warm moments and dreams. I hope it´s gonna bless us in a suprising and joyful way!

I couldn´t have imagined better beginning – head full of dreams, plans, travel destinations and hopes.

2018 be good!