Diverse Portugal

Portuguese people are beautiful!

In this post, I’m talking about the out-side beauty of human beings. Portuguese people are beautifully diversed. Different ethnic backgrounds, different shades of skin color, different face features. In the area we’re living, there’s a store owned by a Chinese family, in front of it a place called “Good Africa”, In the park there are always these little kids with various skin colors playing together. When I’m walking to the office each morning, I always see this family, the mother dressed in a sari, the father has a turban holding their child’s hands each from a side and walking.

We were at Lisbon yesterday, my cousin is visiting from Palestine. We noticed this attractive beauty of people, the mix of light hair color with bronzed skin, the brown puffed guy with curly hair and green eyes, this beautiful lady had Asian features shown through her eyes. We were enjoying the profound mix of human physical characteristics that took our breath away. Even the one hairy man and long strolled mustache who definitely had Arab blood in his veins considering how hairy he was.


I’m not sure if the area we’re at is full of immigrants, or that Lisbon has a lot of expats or tourists from around the world, but imagine that this what the rest of the world looked like, this divers, this mixture of ethnics and races and colors, all enjoying the same Christmas lights at Baixa-Chaido, all breathing the same air, wouldn’t the world be a more beautiful place?