Palestina Vencerá!

Yesterday, as I was getting off the bus and walking with my EVS flatmate, Olga, we find this random banner hung in the street in Almada, specifically right in front of the tram stop to Corroios saying: Palestina Vencerá ! I didn’t know what it meant at first, but what easier way to translate than Google?

Palestina Vencerá! very out of the bloom to see here in the streets of Portugal at the other end of Europe.

My name is Nada (no for real, that’s my real name, and in Arabic, it doesn’t mean “nothing”, maybe I’ll explain what it means in upcoming posts). I am from Jordan. My parents have been born and raised in Palestine. I am Palestinian.

For most people, especially non-Arabs (not being rude or racist here) don’t know Palestine, they know Israel maybe, they might know it’s somewhere in the middle east with conflicts, but they don’t know Palestine. And I say this as I have traveled quite many times in Europe and America and had discussions with so many people, and when mentioning Palestine, I might get a: Where is that? or: Is it an Arab country? or even: Do you mean Israel?

I don’t want to write about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, I’m no political analyst, I just was surprised to see this banner saying: Palestina Vencerá! meaning: Palestine will win!