Dinner of Lights

Christmas is coming.

Here in Corroios, we are not feeling the Christmas atmosphere so strong, because of a lot a sun and warm (sometimes) days.

But at the moment we are a large lovely group of EVS people (we’re in 8 now!) and some of us are coming back home for Christmas period, so we decided to organize a dinner (or a supper, if you are Polish) to say goodbye each other. A dinner called Dinner of Lights.
One of us (I will not spoiler your identity, Martina) is really good at cooking Italian pizza, so our last decision was to eat a lot, a looot of Italian original pizza. So nice dinner! In the end, we had a kind of Christmas tree, a lot of gifts for the Secret Santa Claus, a quintal of pizza and also so many lights. It was useful also to know better each other.

This EVS is a great experience to know new things that you never imagined. Especially a person like me, so ignorant in geography.
For example, I didn’t know that in Poland they don’t have dinner, but supper. Also in Ukraine. And I didn’t know that Ukraine is a so big country…actually it’s giant! I also didn’t know that Poland has a side of the sea. They could see snow on the sea, can you imagine?
I didn’t know that in Jordan they have so tasteful little cookies with sesame and pistachio.
I made the Christmas tree with my Muslim flatmate and it was one of the most lovely moments of my EVS.

I didn’t know that in Turkey sometimes they answer yes instead of no and even now I’m trying to understand well this rule. Moreover, in Turkish tradition, if you are sitting between two people with the same name you deserve a wish.

I know that maybe I could study better at school and know more about each country in the world… but it’s much better to discovered things in this way, with real experience and real people to tell you 🙂

And so…

Merry Christmas

Buon Natale

mutlu Noeller

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????????? ??????

Weso?ych ?wi?t

Feliz Natal